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Your innovation can change the world

We’re here to help you succeed

We are
Shop of Good

A new breed of agency

Dedicated to working hand-in-hand with good tech and positive impact startups on their journey to make the world a better place.


From sustainable business development and fund raising, through branding, communications, and marketing, we help you gain the resources, visibility, and engagement needed to move from concept to commercialisation.

The Problem we set out to solve

Innovation is a necessity for a successful transition to an inclusive green economy.

Yet too often promising innovations struggle to get the resources needed for development and growth – whether it’s funding, partners, early-stage customers, or talent.  As a result, solutions that could help solve pressing societal and environmental challenges never move from lab to market.

where we come in

As a founder and innovator – you’ve got the technology, disruptive mindset, and problem-solving expertise – yet you may need support in packaging, communicating, and marketing your innovation in a simple and compelling way to attract the needed resources.

Or perhaps you need extra support in understanding the markets, ecosystems, and mindsets of those you need to do business with.

Or you just need extra boots on the ground — brain power and perspective — to help fill your in-house gaps.




Our mission

To help ‘planet and people loving’ innovations to reach their potential. 
And to do so ethically and responsibly.

By using our collective expertise and energy to support founders and their teams, we help world changing innovations move from concept to reality. We believe that everyone must play a role in driving the change urgently needed in the world. This is our piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Our Secret Sauce


Multi-disciplinary expertise

from careers spanning circular/ sustainable business, fund-raising and finance, branding, global communications, and marketing.


Years of in-house experience from disruptive tech startups.

We understand the rigorous requirements of innovation business development (because we’ve been there ourselves).


Strategic brainpower meets executional excellence.

We work in a flexible way that’s aligned to your needs, goals, and stage of innovation readiness. We are able to provide the support you need, every step of the way.

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