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Born from the desire to be part of the change we seek – not passive bystanders

Female founded and committed to diversity and inclusivity


Driven by the new 4 Ps – People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose


Small, expert, and international team with a passionately shared mission

Flexible, ‘get stuff done’ attitude to support our clients


Cost effective due to efficient work methods and low overhead


Collaborative versus competitive – it takes a village for real change to happen


We’re the antithesis of flashy excess culture - been there, done that - times have changed.

meet the team

We offer multidisciplinary expertise providing the support your fast-moving start up / scale up needs, when you need it. High energy, results-focused excellence driven by start-up insider knowhow.

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The Shop of Good team are based in Finland, USA and the UK.


Ann Sarimo, Founder & CEO

via mobile or WhatsApp at: 

+358 44 055 8813

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Finding the right partners is one of the most difficult tasks, and one that can make or break your startup. You need partners with vision, who are completely engaged, fill gaps in your own team’s expertise, and have the skills and network to get your company off the ground and beyond.

Equally, if not more, important is that you gel with the team and they're fun to work with. For us, Shop of Good brings it all.

Elliot Chaves
Founder and CEO, Jaspur, USA
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